This is completely customizable, so it's not necessary for it to be a human - it could be an animal, or a vegetable.Probably better not to ask why you might want to present yourself as a vegetable...To pay for services, players need Linden dollars, and they can be bought with real money - right now, 1 USD buys 250 in-game Linden dollars.

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You should also remember that for a lot of players, this game is role play.

The sex is between the avatars, not the real people behind their computer screens, and the other person might not want to hear about what you're doing with your spare hand. You always need consent - that's just common sense.

Maybe go for different genre until he grows up a bit?

In 2003, Linden Lab, a San Fran-based gaming and VR company, launched Second Life.

Visitors should dress in time period-appropriate clothing - they take this stuff pretty seriously.

There are cabaret clubs on every corner, the Charleston is the dance of choice and the preferred methods of transport are bike and tram.

"Vehicle" based MMOs like World of Tanks or the already mentioned Elite Dangerous, but not everyone will be interested in these games.

However, regarding other kinds of games there are so many titles to choose from.

There are several ways to earn Linden dollars in big quantities, and later sell or exchange them for real-life dollars.