Mobile apps used to be a fancy thing by Amazon or Instagram as recently as 3-4 years back. The cost of making apps has dropped down and now there are literally thousands of mobile services of any kind.

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all can be utilized to bring people what they need.

With a mobile app you can set such preferences based on gathered customer data.

And one of the major reasons to have a brand ecommerce app.

Shoppers get such alerts when they open a mobile app, and may get them even without activating an app.

Knowing customers demands data, at least very basic information like age, sex, location, shopping history.

Within your mobile app you may build and set user analytics of various levels of sophistication.Of course, one may send email messages about new products or seasonal sales, but that channel loses badly to direct customer notifications via mobile app.Push notifications are both instant and unobtrusive at the same time, that’s a truly nice option for businesses.The reason for such achievements is intuitive mobile browsing, which in turn drives sales up. People are well familiar with how smartphones and tablets work, so they already know how to navigate to desired products in few clicks.In addition to purchases, customers can share their joy of bought goods with friends, or ask for advice from community of shopaholics.We can start off with a fact that 66% of all population globally have mobile devices as of January’17.