The 30-year-old, who has since resigned as the mayor of Peterlee, organised to meet the 'teenager' at his own home on August 5 but was greeted by the undercover organisation and police.

Robin Turton, prosecuting, told the Durham Crown Court how Cook sent the decoy explicit images during the online chat.

The matter is one that is an attempt, no actual child involved.

The person who has got involved in the conversation in the Grindr application is an adult.

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The Meadows Sexual Assault Referral Centre aims to provide a sensitive and comprehensive service to residents of County Durham and Darlington who have experienced rape or sexual assault.

Peterlee." A spokesperson for Guardians of the North said after the case: "I'm still in shock that he was the Mayor of Peterlee.

"We never thought we would catch someone in a high profile position in the community. "I never thought someone in this position would do something like this.He had texted the "teen" on the gay dating app, organising to meet him at his Peterlee home for "fun".In a string of texts, he asked the person to come over for "sucking, wa**ing, ri**ing and f***ing"." Cook then replies: "He was supposed to be over 18, it's Grindr." The mayor then claims he thought that when "15" popped up on his screen he thought he was being told the male was that number of miles of away.But the paedo hunters then said the message really read: "I'm 15.Our free services are available to both females and males.