Archeologist Pete Thurmond sees the Titus phase has being made up of four contemporaneous subclusters: the Three Basins, Tankersley Creek, Swauano Creek, and Big Cypress Creek.In addition, Robert Turner has proposed early and late periods within the Titus phase based on design motif variations on Ripley Engraved carinated bowls and changes in vessel form.

In general, Late Caddo societies seem to have had a three-tier social/political hierarchy.

At the top were civic-ritual centers that had platform (temple) mounds, burial mounds, and presumably the residences of principal leaders (caddis as well as the xinesi and lesser priests).

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Several of the burials appear to have been placed in and near the floors of structures, but the Pilgrim's Pride site also had a planned cemetery with at least 19 burials.

The small settlements appear to have been home to one or several family compounds marked today by scattered house middens often containing daub (fired clay) and trash-heap (midden) mounds.

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For the Titus phase, Thurmond recognized three types/sizes of settlements: limited use areas, small settlements, and large settlements.