The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has denied Cornwall-Lebanon School District’s request to appeal a lower court’s decision that the district erred when it fired a teacher for having sex with an 18-year-old student on the night of her graduation.The Supreme Court’s decision to deny Cornwall-Lebanon’s appeal of the Commonwealth Court ruling puts an end to a ping-pong match of decisions and appeals dating back to 2014 when the district fired Luke "Todd" Scipioni for his affair with the former student that occurred 10 years earlier.

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Cornwall-Lebanon School District Superintendent Philip Domencic expressed displeasure and resignation at the court's decision, which will allow Scipioni to return to teaching for the first time since his firing three years ago. What has been in dispute is the appropriate consequence for Mr.

Scipioni’s conduct," he said in an emailed statement.

Rumors circulated in the district at the time, causing Scipioni to step down from his coaching position, citing family pressures.

But the rumors remained and when Scipioni attempted to return to coach the Falcons boys' basketball team several years later, school officials told him they did not want him in the position because of the suspected relationship with his former student.

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The teacher's union appealed Tylwalk's decision to the state Commonwealth Court, which overruled it in February on the grounds that the court cannot reinterpret an arbitrator's "finding of fact or interpretation."The school board voted to appeal that decision to the state Supreme Court in February.