Repaired by New Flyer Industries and returned to service in March 2010. type=forums_topic_post&page=10Mi Way branding from this order onwards; Mi Express livery; first Orion VII NG BRTs; reading lights, AC outlets, and BRT style roof and exterior; 4ONE Aries seats.Each bus was acquired by Mi Way for 5,425.15 each Mississauga Transit Enforcement Officers patrol in white Dodge Chargers bearing a single black stripe and wording Transit Enforcement in black.

The current Mi Way service consists of two types of bus routes, Mi Local (local buses that make frequent stops) and Mi Express (express buses between major destinations), and includes the Mississauga Transitway, a dedicated east to west bus-only roadway used by several Mi Express and Mi Local routes.

Mi Way's routes connect with GO Transit commuter rail and intercity buses.

Mississauga Transit Enforcement Officers are part of the City of Mississauga Corporate Services team.

Transit Enforcement are designated as Municipal Law Enforcement Officers, and enforce the Mississauga Transit Bylaw 425-03.

This line will be built alongside Highway 403, which passes through the City Centre.

It will connect to Toronto and Pearson Airport at its terminus point, Renforth Drive.

Older buses using the old logo would continue to be used until they are decommissioned. The reason for the company's new name is twofold: "Mi" could be interpreted as standing for Mississauga, and it is also a homophone of "My", suggesting possession.

On December 1, 2011, the last high-floor bus retired, making the transit fleet 100% low-floor and fully accessible.

Mississauga Transit's paper "Ride Schedules" were discontinued in 2004.

From 2005 onward all timetables were only available from the system's website.

As such, Presto users who wish to transfer onto TTC buses from a Miway bus within the Mississauga fare zone must tap their Presto card on the fare readers upon boarding and obtain a paper transfer from the driver.