(Just behind Main Street and over into Bradenton) I warn you because what this leads to, along with OUTRAGEOUSLY skyrocketing rental prices, is the local drug trade.

All I can say is, if you have decent money and are a good egg, come on down.

But please, treat everyone with respect, regardless of station.

My vehicle was properly registered with the State of Florida at the time of the incident.

It is true, I had not applied the new registration sticker to the license plate, but the City of Sarasota is using this as a money making machine.

In Orlando, it seemed like we could only fine chain restaurants, but the nicer areas of Sarasota offer so many unique dining options.

Some of our favorite places to eat are the Lazy Lobster, De Marco's, Toasted Mango and El Toro Bravo.Roger Twittaker I've lived here in Sarasota for 21 years. The families of these people on both sides suffer..I spend a good amount of time in Long boat key and Anna Maria Island. Some of the women after starting to sell themselves, get into alcohol, drugs and other things.By far, the most disgusting activity that goes on is what people around here call the Long boat Key Jews, ( LBK Jews) These rich predators prey on women that go to places like Tommy Bahamas' , The Blue Marlin and other places in the immediate area. Facts are these Jewish guys are smooth and the women are dumb..The guys use their money as a drug and the women, many AA, or recovering from other addictions fall right in... I would love to know if theres a LIST of local Gold diggers and local Predator men.There is a film festival that comes around, bringing celebs.