Their careful-guarded attitude towards long-term serious relationships sees many of them dating for quite a while before eventually settling down.Cancerian Dogs are remarkable judges of character and appear to have a natural sense about people who are kind.

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If these people have something worrying them, their usual cheery temperament will often suffer. Does it make you change toward a person when they betray you? This makes me not want to have a friendship anymore. I find it true that the upbringing can change a person and not JUST this specific individual! This makes it very difficult for my Virgo wood Ox boyfriend, as he is a "do your own thing" kind of person! Especially since 6 of his planets Are sitting at 29%!! Astrology can be accurate but there is so many layers in a xhart.

They should also take care to not let others take advantage of their extremely loyal nature and fierce defense against injustice. (and to those of you who know about numerology, yes, I did say 6!! Numerology will tell you the soul of the individual. Cancer metal dog here with a lovely Water Capricorn Dragon man. After reading this as an cancer/dog I must agree to most of the comments, but the importance is that every humans have these aspects more or less.

The Cancerian Dog's devoted and emotionally tuned-in personality can see all sides of an argument, and so usually all reasons for people's grievances.

This ability often gains these people a reputation for being very fair in their approach to everything.

These personalities can be known to be obstinate, moody and over-demanding. As much as I want to give them a second chance, I tend to get paranoid once I know they have betrayed me once. As much as I trust everyone easily, the moment my trust is betrayed, its more or less over for me.

These Cancerian Dog traits are usually only displayed during periods of anxiety and worry. Even if I'm willing to give them a second chance, I don't see myself trusting them again anytime soon unless a lot of effort is put in to change my mind. But because of my upbringing, I have SEVERE abandonment and separation anxiety!

I'm a Cancerian earth dog living with a Geminian wood dragon and the description you gave of your ex is akin to that I'd give of my partner albeit I'd draw the line at calling her a monster (even though she's a dragon! As someone who has not only studied astrology in depth but also invested heavily in software I have a full understanding of how basic the sun/animal signs interpretations are.

In western astrology the other personal planets but particularly the moon and ascendant can explain an awful lot and in Chinese astrology the four pillars (hour, day, month, year) equally explain a lot. If you need to understand a relationship potential then I recommend you looking to the various esoteric sciences including numerology.

) Check out the numerology charts for compatibility if you want a specific, individual perspective... Figure out that you are working your life together with other lifes. As someone said here before, its just not about signs, it goes deeper than you can imagine... But to read this as an amateur astrologist makes me curious why people like to see patterns and systems in this, and searching for patterns in people.