At the time they divorced, Angie had just rocked the popular culture in Brian de Palma’s Hitchcock homage, “Dressed To Kill,” playing a gorgeous middle-aged woman who gives in to an anonymous seduction in the back of a New York City cab. She once said: “I dress for women, and undress for men.” Shorts suited her.

This incredibly steamy scene remains notorious to this day. With off-screen lover Frank Sinatra in the original “Ocean’s 11” (1960). Stunning, spectacular, and sporting a very ’60s ’do. As Sergeant “Pepper” Anderson on the hot ’70s TV series, “Police Woman.” I confess!

Several short scenes feature dance hall girls at the local saloon. Angie would go on to do a lot of TV over the next few years, and then get her big-screen break in 1959 playing the irresistible Feathers, who makes John Wayne (and every other heterosexual male) melt in Howard Hawks’s classic “Rio Bravo.”She portrays the typical Hawksian female with flair-a woman who can compete in a man’s world, who’s lived a hard life and associated with some tough, unsavory characters.

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It's important to note that within gay male circles, this behavior is very common, and is not viewed as a problem.

In fact, many men are happy to get such pictures, and usually respond in kind. because it offers some confirmation that many men want to receive such pics, and are really hoping their recipient will enjoy it and be turned on.

Indulging my fondness for Robert Mitchum the other day, I was watching a rather indifferent Western of his from 1955, “Man With The Gun” (1955).

Bob plays a tough Sheriff who must clean up yet another dirty town. There she is, playing with five other starlets, and she clearly stands out, not just for her fresh, sultry beauty but her acting chops as well. “Man” was just her third film appearance in the year since she’d first broken into show business.

Europe has been a place of battles and political intrigue for centuries.

As we approach a vote on the UK's membership of the European Union, we look at what 50 writers, actors, historians, artists and comedians have said about Europe and its nations.This type of character came to define the image of Angie Dickinson.Her film career was defined by three great films (see carousel below), and in the seventies, she’d signal the ascendancy of feminism by playing a tough female cop on TV’s groundbreaking “Police Woman.” Men of all ages tuned in, and secretly longed to be arrested by her.Any woman who has ever ventured into the world of online dating, or almost any form of modern electronic communication, will tell you that one of their main complaints is that men routinely send them unsolicited pictures of their genitals.Women understandably complain about this for two main reasons: "Men are GROSS" is the most common explanation that women have for this. Do they really think I'm going to magically want to have sex with them now, after seeing their penis?The Big Short, the film adaptation of Michael Lewis' book of the same name about the causes of the financial crisis, opens in UK cinemas this weekend.