You can not preach about morals and support or defend him - larger society sees that as complete hypocrisy and will likely not take those people or their religion seriously in the future.They are so sure of their faith that there's is literally nothing that can shake it.

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I am not much of a religious sort but I was raised strictly as a Baptist and attended Sunday school and worship services each Sunday and Sunday evenings, prayer meetings Wednesday evenings, young peoples meetings on Friday evening and also attended Bible School each summer and I can tell you this. I'm not saying I agree with it or that I do it but I was taught it and know this is the way of friends and family that are deeply into the church.

Yes, I don't think Moore has asked for forgiveness or even admitted he might have done something he shouldn't have, whether legal or not, but at least probably not moral.

It just can’t be done.” https:// Did anyone see this interview yesterday.

3 college basketballs players from the States get arrested in China for shoplifting sunglasses. Will not acknowledge Trump's contribution in getting his son out of trouble.

It's the same as the Trump supporters who applauded when he said he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue.

It's why they cannot conceive of somebody of a different or no faith being a person of good character.

Trump won because of a quirk of the Electoral College which other races wouldn't have but he was still close to Clinton in total votes.

Moore is losing some of the less extreme Republicans but the scandal has energized Evangelicals. Fox confirms that Hillary Clinton did not have any role in the approval of the deal, the monies given to her foundation were mostly from the Canadian owner back in 2007, years before the deal and no uranium was sold or shipped out of the USA.

His approval rating among them has actually gone up. The 9 departments made an unanimous decision that the sale was legal under the law and not a threat to national security.

Here is the direct link to the FOX report Or, it may be that a mainstay of the Christian faith is forgiveness of past sins and inadequacies.

I am not sure the partisanship is so strong against other Democrats.