Could this be causing the application.screenupdating zorvek, I need to activate the tabs, because I need to access their command bars in order to refresh the data on the report.

Even if I restore the control tab before turning screen updating back on, wouldn't there still be a flash to the report tab while it's activated?

screenupdating true-43

Screenupdating true video

You should never have to make a call to things like .activate and .select when automating.

Those are things that excel records in macros, but that can always be circumvented.

When I hit the button to run the reports, the various reports pop up as they are being run instead of the focus staying on the console page.

I am using and need to use sheetname.activate within each of the report subroutines.

I use application.statusbar to keep the users apprised of what is happening.

I have tried using application.screenupdating = false both before I branch to a report subroutine and also within the report subroutine in an attempt to keep it from shifting the focus to the report page, but it is not working.

taduh If you leave screen updating off until you after you have restored the control tab you should not see any flashing of undesired content. Echo is an Access command, it doesn't work in Excel.

Kevin You don't need to activate the tabs or access their command bars to refresh data.

Enable Events = True End Sub Sub DP_disbursement() Application.

Still, any ideas why the Screen Updating = False doesn't work when I select a different sheet? Is it because the selection was performed in a different sub?

I have a code that initially sets Screen Updating to False, but in the middle of the code it calls another subroutine and for some reason it actually shows me some (not all) actions (ie, when it selects a new sheet I get to see that). Here is a simplified version of the code Option Explicit Sub Check_Input Data() Application.