And when you can do both, then you’ve reached a state of perpetual living that is truly worth living for.Additionally, the principle of scarcity can be reverse engineered.By stating that I don’t want one now, I have generated a lot of interest, and not just from the smarmy types.

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Being a scientist, I draw many research ideas from my personal life and, admittedly, my personal life provides much to draw from! After taking a break from any relationship that remotely smacked of romance for some time now, I have decided to re-enter the dating world. I know my personal analysis will generate more questions than I initially pose, but that is the scientific process!

I have been married and divorced more than once, have traveled the world and tried out many different types of relationships, and I now find myself a single mother of a toddler and preschool aged boy. Putting my personal experiences out there for public scrutiny is a little intimidating for me.

Feel free to post your idea/reactions/comments below!

If you have a question or idea for me (or any of the other researchers on articles | Website/CVDr.

In our efforts to achieve greatness, to accomplish goals, to push ourselves to be better (all of which are of great value), we must be very careful to not forget the value of the things right in front of us.

Very often a more sound appreciation of what we have, is faster path to happiness than trying to acquire something more.

Anyone I've found a connection with as a result of down playing what I was looking for just felt like luck.

I think it's a better idea to just be honest about where you are, no matters where that ends up being.

After slamming a few glasses of Pinot, I hammered out a personal profile, threw a few photos up, and made myself publically available for dating consideration.