“I am really overwhelmed and the club’s generous donation will be used to help disadvantaged families throughout the county”.==================================================================== Rotarians have been thanked for providing transport for more than 80 elderly people to be able to attend a carol service and afternoon tea in Shrewsbury.

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The club has been so impressed with the support and friendship Home Start offers to parents with young children throughout Shropshire so that every child can have a good start in life.

Speaking to Shrewsbury Severn Rotary Club, Carol Brown, a trustee of Home Start, told members that school readiness was ‘really important’ and this included how to eat together as well as talking about the school day so that any difficulties could be addressed at the beginning before they became a bigger problem.

Members of Shrewsbury Severn Rotary Club took the elderly to the United Reformed Church, Abbey Foregate, either in their own cars or in a Dial a Ride bus voluntarily driven by Rotarian Bob Scaiff.

The service of carols and lessons was conducted by the Rev.

The club’s President Colin Sharp and Youth Opportunities Officer Kerry Ferguson accompanied Santa as he visited pupils from seven classrooms.

The schools’ Headteacher Charlie Summers said afterwards: “Pupils in key stage one, reception and nursery have all enjoyed meeting Father Christmas.

We shall be giving hampers to particular families so that they have Christmas in a box.” Said Shrewsbury Severn Rotary’s President Colin: “The Headteacher made a reference to the books making a difference and it just so happens that the current Rotary theme is ‘Making a difference.’ We are trying to make a difference through providing a service to others and promoting integrity through goodwill and peace.” Said Rotarian Kerry Ferguson: “We are delighted to have a close relationship with the school and provide support in a number of ways, especially regular reading with key stage one children.

It was lovely to see the delight on the children’s faces when they opened their present and, hopefully, it will help them to develop their reading skills and all the enjoyment that brings.” Donations totalling £750 have been presented to the Home Start Shropshire charity by the Rotary club of Shrewsbury Severn.

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