In his Between Meals column, Chronicle restaurant critic Michael Bauer writes about the restaurants he visits each week as he searches for the next Top 100 Restaurants.

His main dining reviews, written after three or more visits, appear in the Sunday Food Wine section. The new federal tax law took away some benefits of homeownership but gave real estate investors a gift they might not be aware of yet.

It’s the weekend for art fairs in San Francisco, a festival season that has taken hold in just a few years.

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His business, Higher Veda Medicinals, a manufacturer of cannabis edibles, closed its doors because the company, formerly known as Swerve Confections, didn’t have a permit to operate in Oakland on Jan. Monday night was a good time to stay inside: Outside, it was cold and pouring rain.

It was a perfect evening to hunker down inside a warm house and watch the college football national-championship game on television.

Come join the growing family of swingers who like to hook up with other like minded couples and hot singles while traveling.

Cruise Swingers has become known as the Ménage à Trois of adult dating sites.

A lot of winter hopes are pinned on a storm Monday night pointed at Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada.

The ideal time for winter sports comes after a big storm, with a major snow dump midweek when few are traveling, followed by a weekend of sunny weather that helps clear the roads, leaving ecstatic ...

Owners of investment property — from mom and pop landlords to big-time real estate moguls — could get a federal tax deduction of up to 20 percent of their ...

Brian Edwards moved his baking equipment into a storage unit last weekend.

MICHAEL BAUER: Three years ago I called for the practice of tipping to go, spurred by the news that Bar Agricole had gone that route by including a service fee on its menu and then dividing that fee ... Roughly one year after Scoop reported about the new all-day restaurant taking shape on Treasure Island, the project — complete with its shipping container ...