--- Moses Chan will film new modern series in May produced by Fong Chun Chiu.

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If there is an artist that you want tracked, please feel free to request.** "Limelight Years" will air on April 27 succeeding "Romantic Repertoire".

--- Mainland's "The Empress of China" will air on April 26 succeeding "Smooth Talker".

--- Tracy Chu takes the lead in "The Ultimate Emergency Unit". --- Sisley Choi will film upcoming new series with Moses Chan. Flora Chan, Tuny Hung and Ali Lee join Ben Wong in "Good Morning Boss".

--- Lam Chi Wah will produce "The Ultimate Emergency Unit" filming in April.

--- Wong Cho Lam will produce a new series at the end of this year.

--- Producer Lo Zhen Ngoc will produce a new sitcom in May starring Louis Cheung, Eliza Sam and Owen Cheung.

We are all just guessing now, we don't know if there is any misunderstanding in between. The people who were involved in the incident knows best.

I work in Mainland myself, and as a girl, you must protect yourself at anytime, anywhere." Nancy Wu: "I collaborated with both of them before. My views are, if a girl senses that everyone is drunk and she feels uncomfortable, then it is not suitable for her to be playing with such a large group of people.

Benny can get quite crazy when he's drunk and really open when he plays. Personally, I don't really drink, so I don't know what happens when I am drunk.

Alcohol violence has always been wrong." Kate Tsui: "I collaborated with Joe Ma before and I know him well.

The "Line Walker" actor said that he is thankful to TVB for all the experience he gained from working with them, although he didn't disclose his future plan.