He asks her if she wants him to wait for her, but she tells him not to.Over by the bar with Brenda, Ryan comments on how the night is not like any other high school weeknight that he remebers.During season one, he says it's difficult being friendly with his students without really becoming their friend, however he is shown to be on good terms with Annie, Liam, Navid, Silver, Adrianna, Ivy and Naomi during school or at the Beach Club.

Ryan is an English literature teacher at West Beverly High. He is seen as a young, cool teacher with an easy-going personality.

Although he can be strict, it is only because he can see the full potential of his students and only wants what's best for them.

As everybody is walking off the field George pushes Dixon, and Dixon pushes him back, and they start fighting. Matthews wasn’t looking at the time, so he has no idea who started it, but the guys on the team saw who started it. Matthews at the bar, and he mentions she should be home since she has a paper due. Later, Adrianna makes a scene by randomly singing in the middle of Mr. Sparks are flying between the guidance counsellor Kelly and Ryan.

She says that she has already finished it, and as Mr. After school, he asks if she wants to go to dinner.

Kelly comes out and Ryan hands her flowers, and a hat for her son.

He says he'll leave now since she has company, but just then Brenda offers to babysit so that Kelly and Ryan can go out.

Ryan wonders aloud what this means for Kelly's relationship with her ex.

Kelly and Ryan finish their date inside his truck outside her house.

Ryan is surprised to hear that she has a brother and she tells him that there is a lot that he doesn't know about her, asserting the fact that it is better if it stays that way between them.

Ryan asks her if she's heading in his direction, offering her a ride in the process.

Neither can talk long but they do agree on dinner later on in the evening.