The problem is Thyme doesn't know who zotzed the old man.

In his search for the killer Hamlet meets Gertrude, the King's widow, who can't wait to bury the old man and marry his brother Claudius who, in turn, can't wait to bury Thyme.

It’s better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all, except it’s not.

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One act comedy plays for schools, colleges, community theatres and play competitions. Moments A bittersweet romantic comedy that moves back and forth in time as a couple accidentally reconnect ten years after sharing a passionate but shortlived relationship in this one act play for two men and two women. Monster Dating A woman relives her most disastrous post divorce dates, who turn out to be actual monsters, while lying to an on line dating service in a short play featuring one woman and three men.

The probability they arrive at the exact same time is zero. If Romeo is the first to arrive, and he arrives after 45min, they are guaranteed to meet.

A = P(Romeo arrives within the first 45min) = 45/60 = 3/4. I would solve it like this (I'm sorry, but I'm not good at drawing pictures in La Te X, so I've made it by my hand, hope it helps). He can arrive at any time between 0 and 1, let $y$ be the time when Julia comes.

Under The Balcony Shakespeare's famous balcony scene goes slightly askew when a fleeing Casanova shows up to turn Romeo from a lover to a seducer under Juliet's balcony.

In the course of his search Thyme encounters an egotistical Prince who ain't that charming, a tough talking shoe maker whose nose grows when he lies and an old flame by the name of Anna Reksic who Thyme suspects may be mixed up in a plot to scam the Prince and a lot more.

Then there's Prince Hamlet who doesn't know what he wants as well a dame named Ophelia who wants everything including Thyme..

CASTING NOTE: While this plays seems to have a large cast, all, but the lead roles of Thyme, Hamlet, Ophelia and Gertrude, can be double or triple cast with actors playing multiple speaking roles as well as filling in as members of the royal court, the pirate crew and soldiers.

That's when Thyme meets the delicious Molly, takes refuge in an eerie castle, meets its master Count Dracula, gets locked in a cell, loses Molly, goes on a bender, recovers only to find Molly has become an undead bride of Dracula. Justin Thyme, fictional detective, heads to Sherlock Holmes country to find his client frightened to death by a four hundred year old hound the size of a Buick and a list of suspects that includes the slow witted heir to the murdered man's fortune, his butler, a butterfly collecting twit and a beautiful woman who immediately casts her spell over our detective.

was supposed to be a cautionary tale, not a romantic how-to guide." And I hear you. But how do you explain the fact that I have, since reading it, gone from being a naive, dateless rube who spills things on herself to someone who has dated between one and three people? Here’s everything I learned about dating from reading Shakespeare’s most famous tragedy: 1. You can never say enough good things about a woman’s hands. Get all your relationship advice from the bawdy nanny. Love means never having to say you’re sorry that you murdered her cousin in cold blood and then fled the scene.

Romeo knows that Juliet tends to be tardy in a somewhat unpredictable way; on any given night, her arrival time X can be modeled as uniformly distributed on [0, D], where D is her "intrinsic lateness parameter".