Traditionally, their homes are constructed of bamboo, small and not that durable when the rainy season hits (houses have to be rebuilt once a year).Bamboo requires zero insulation, zero privacy, so parents were happy to build their teenage girls a private place to socialize with their boyfriends and explore (in complete privacy) love and sexuality.

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It makes perfect sense: when you are cut off from the rest of society it is much easier to preserve your own traditions, no matter what they are (how else do you think that Australian sex cult built on four generations of incest was able to form?

) Not to mention that exposure to mobile phones and television (which were a budding problem in ’s 2011 article on the tradition) are much more prevalent.

A 12-year-old girl, Holly (Thuy Nguyen), is trying to flee her captors, and grown men are in pursuit.

We see these thugs fanning out across a marketplace, and finally they catch up with her and throw her into the back of a truck.

However, now some villages are building their houses out of timber or brick that lasts much longer, so they just favor putting all the bedrooms inside the one house for their teenagers. Parents made sure they instilled self-respect, responsibility and the importance of love in their daughters and sons so that they could freely explore their teenage urges without a looming shadow of guilt, but as modern images persuade the tribe, modern “fears” follow suit.

Apparently, parents are down because they can meet the boys their daughters are hanging with to make sure he’s an industrious farmer and not a bad boy who impregnates young girls and treats his family’s livestock like crap.

Deep in the Ratankeri region there is a tribe called Kreung.

The Kreung people get up with the sun every day and work in their crops harvesting rice and vegetables off in the jungle. While in most other areas in Cambodia it is traditionally frowned upon for women to smoke or drink, the Kreung girls take part just like the boys.

Not every Westerner in Cambodia is interested in little girls, fortunately.

Ron Livingston plays Patrick, an American who has lived in the region for years, for reasons that aren't clear but probably should be.

Ran on: Mark Duplass is Mike and Greta Gerwig plays Hannah, a college graduate who falls in and out of love, in &quo; Hannah Takes the Stairs.&quo; The film opens Thursday at the Red Vic.