We are the mines of prophethood, and our house is the thoroughfare of an- gels.

Allah initiated and concluded with us (the divine knowledge) Yazeed is a debauchee, a drunkard; a murderer, and has shed much holy blood.

Here, Noman Ibn Bashir21 (the governor) has remained alone in the government palace, and we are not on his side in Friday pray and other ceremonies.

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So beware, do not be of those who will not see me at the Hauz, tomorrow, as a result of enmity against my household, harassing and killing them.” Be aware that on the Day of Judgment, three banners will be offered to me from this Ummah: A dark black flag, which will frighten the angels. " They will reply: "We left and wasted the Book and we totally destroyed your progeny with enmity." I will turn away from them.

And they would be driven to Hell extremely thirsty and black-faced.

You know that Muawiyah has died and is getting the recompense of his deeds. Otherwise if you are lazy, disunited, and fearful then do not capture him in deception and complacency.

He has nominated his son, Yazeed, on the throne of kingdom." Here is Husayn (a.s.) who has refused to confirm him, and he has migrated to Mecca, due to the rebellious Ommayides. Then they wrote the following letter to Imam Husayn (a.s.) and dispatched it: Submitted respectfully to Imam Husayn Ibn Ali Amirul Momineen (a.s.), from Sulaiman Ibn Surad Khozaei, Musayyab Ibn Najbah17, Rafah Ibn Shaddad18, Habib Ibn Mozahir19, and Abdullah Ibn Vail20 and his other Shias (followers): Peace of Allah be upon you.

Muhammad is Your worshipper and messenger, and these two youth are from my pious kinsfolk and good progeny, and the founders of my family whom I am leaving in my place.

Jibrael informed me that this son of mine will be killed and forsaken. Make his martyrdom sanctified for him, make him the leader of the martyrs, and do not bless his killers and his forsakers.” Then the people cried.

Walid informed him about the death of Muawiya, and asked him to give allegiance to Yazeed. Do not accept his excuse and if he refuses, cut off his neck." Husayn (a.s.) became angry and said: "Woe unto you, O son of bastard! You are a liar and you have, by Allah, shown meanness." Then he turned towards Walid, and said: "O Amir!

We are the members of the Holy family of the prophetic mission.

Blessings and greetings to you inadvance, O son of the holy Prophet, and may Allah have mercy on you and on your father, and there is no strength and might except that of Allah, the High and the Great. After two days, the people dispatched through another group 150 letters, which were signed by one, two, three, or four persons…