I would say that these are the six trickiest letters in the Russian alphabet because we associate a different sound with them. After a few exercises you will get used to reading them correctly.

Most of them represent sounds for which we either have a letter in the Latin alphabet itself or at least use the sound in our phonetic system.

Since Lauren is learning Russian and had started with the Cyrillic alphabet first, we can see how important this is to begin on so that you can boost the rest of your progress. ” There are some tricky things about Russian and the script is definitely not the hardest part of the language.

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Or use the Russian article about the Oscar-winners.

You can then try and decode the names of the famous actors.

Then you can easily compare it with the “solution”.

You do not only practise reading but also learn something about Russia.

It's available for users with the operating system i OS 8.1.2 and posterior versions, and you can get it in many languages like English, Spanish, and German.

Its current version is 2.6 and its last update was on 04/06/2017.

Sometimes it’s really funny how a famous name looks like written in Cyrillic. If you find it difficult to find Russian articles, simply open up the respective article in English and switch to the Russian version which you can find in the left navigation column.

It’s easier for us to retain things that we read AND hear.

Most dictionaries or grammar books don’t offer a transcription and I don’t know any Russian publications that use the Latin script instead of Cyrillic.

Also, if you plan to visit Russia as a traveller, it could be very helpful to know how to read the script.

All you need is a rainy weekend and a positive mood!