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- Quick, inexpensive meals that make entertaining easy Holiday Mix and Gift Recipes by Deborah Taylor-Hough - Gifts made in your kitchen Make-Ahead Turkey for the Holidays by Deborah Taylor-Hough - Shouldn't the cook enjoy the festivities?

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Patrick's Day by Brenda Hyde - Even if you're not Irish you'll enjoy this!

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Flour Power by Donna Cook - You'll be surprised at how easy it is! How to Make Sourdough Starter return to the Library Subject Index Flavored Oatmeal - Alternatives to the individual flavored oatmeal packets.Beef Beverages Bread and Grains Breakfast Casseroles Chicken Desserts Ethnic Cuisine Holidays and Entertaining Kids Lunch Main Dishes Recipe Books Seasoning Side Dishes Slow Cooker Snacks Soups Vegetarian Homemade Beef Marinades - Making your beef taste better!Sizzling Tips for Searing Meats by Leanne Ely - Sealing meat's natural flavor.Real Food on a Budget by Vickilynn Haycraft - Eating healthy can actually make it easier to budget Dutch Oven Chicken Enchiladas by Kaylin Cherry Freezer Meals: King Ranch Chicken Casserole by Kaylin Cherry Healthy Freezer Meals by Nicole Copy Kat Recipes: Summer Specials by Stephanie Manley Copy Kat Recipes: Picnic Basket Time by Stephanie Manley return to the Library Subject Index Homemade Sundaes by Joanne Guidoccio - Lower the cost of sundaes by making them at home.Homemade Chocolate Mixes by Alison Wood - Make your own mixes and save.The Frugal Summer Lunch Program Freezing Homemade Baby Food Popsicle Paradise by Tawra Kellam - Remember licking the drips? Find 0 in Your Lunchbox by Kathleane O'Leary - It's your's for the taking Ending Lunch Time Lunacy Jazzed Up Bag Lunches by Maxine Sprague, BEd.