Gay Life After40recognizes that gay relationships come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

None of us chooses to be gay and but we certainly can choose whom we date and fall in love with.

Pro: Invigorate and Energize Your Life There’s nothing more exciting than finding a strong connection with somebody.

By dating outside your age, you’re liable to find somebody with vastly different experiences and opinions than yours.

Now there’s the opportunity to put together fun dinner events, weekend getaways, and house parties.

Each get together now features a mix of yours and his most interesting friends.

It’s likely that the two of you have vastly different acquaintances, friends, and work contacts.

By entering into this gay relationship, you’ve now potentially added a ton of new friendships.

Potentially, they’re going to see the younger one as having Daddy issues or trying to act grown up.

As for the older, they’ll see him as being immature or a cradle robber.

These can involve anything from: traveling, dining, gaming, exercising, dancing, etc.

It’s your right to enjoy gay dating whomever you like.

Con: Society’s Judgment Society loves to wag their finger and place judgment.