Investigative functions are under the Bureau of Detectives.The Bureau of Detectives is Headed by the Chief of Detectives.

The Chicago Police Department's shoulder sleeve insignia, worn on the top of the left sleeve, is unusual in two regards.

Service longevity is reflected just above the left cuff on most outer garments.

A full-time SWAT team, organized in 2005, includes 70 members.

The dignitary protection unit, based at O'Hare International Airport, is the only unit that uses two-wheeled motorcycles.

violent crimes, robbery, gang and narcotics (NAGIS), Internal Affairs Division (IAD), Major Accident Investigation Section (MAIS), etc.

(Unless they hold the rank of Sergeant or above.) Chicago's five-pointed star-shaped badge (referred to as a "star" instead of a "badge" in the vernacular of the department) also changes to reflect the different ranks of officers.

The Chicago Police Department is one of only a handful of police agencies in the United States to use the checkered bands on its headgear, known as the Sillitoe Tartan after its originator, Percy Sillitoe, Chief Constable of Glasgow, Scotland in the 1930s.

Where British, Australian and New Zealand Sillitoe tartans feature three rows of smaller squares, Chicago's has two rows of larger squares.

The Chicago Police Department (CPD) is the law enforcement agency of the U. city of Chicago, Illinois, under the jurisdiction of the City Council.