As you know from my brief essay, I neither deny nor affirm an afterlife  I am happy not to know and not to worry about it.

In John Jesus reveals His congruence with the Father Dont think I am going to accuse you to the Father your accuser is Moses. (false hope) Neither His disciples at the time nor down through the centuries took Him at His word so He was left with the choice of dramatizing message in His self-giving.

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With a sidekick he was believable enough to travel on someone else’s purse and gain at least initial acceptance in Constantinople, Vienna, Rome, Amsterdam, Stockholm, the Zaporozhian and elsewhere.

He changed his religion several times – now Muslim, now Catholic, now Protestant. A dokumentumokat vál., sajtó alá rend., jegyzetekkel ell.

We also have the record of his confession, such as it was, during his examination and torture prior to his trial and inevitable execution.

Liseitsev speculates carefully as to Ankudinov’s motivations, the . He traces Ankudinov’s life from his origins in Vologda as the son of a dealer in canvas through his patronage from Archbishop Varlaam and the start of his bureaucratic career, to Moscow, where he stole state money, killed his wife, burned down his house (the fire also destroyed many others) and fled Muscovy. jgo.e-reviews“ werden nach den gleichen strengen Regeln begutachtet und redigiert wie die Rezensionen, die in den Heften abgedruckt werden.Using his linguistic skills and his knowledge of the inner workings of Muscovy’s bureaucracies, he soon claimed to be the son of Tsar Vasilii Shuiskii. Andrew Hello, Professor Borg, Thanks very much for this thoughtful post.I just learned of your work while perusing various apologetic texts on Amazon.If there is no alt tag, search engine doesn't understand anything from the image.