It covers STIs and birth control, and healthy relationships, and pornography, and sex and the law, and then it goes right back to healthy relationships again." Each session is freeform, often peppered with laughter and covering a variety of themes -- some suggested by the moderators, many brought up by attendees.

The emphasis is on discussion and connection over answers -- though there certainly are those, courtesy of Langton and Boehler, both certified through Options for Sexual Health's sex educator program.

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The 55-year-old, a retired teacher at two private Orthodox Jewish schools, was arrested and charged.

That news, reported in local media, ended a 20-year internal battle for Adam, a North York man.

its unfortunate that SONY hasn't created any offical gamercards yet -- or at the very least allowed 3rd party gamercards to be auto-updated.

We are lucky though that the folks over at Playfire have created a gamercard which is easy to use and update.

It would be cool to have my level and number of trophy on it, updated automaticaly.

When a new game pop, I'm not online at trippletag to add it, I'm playing it, and I forget after a while that's it's new, so I'm nto updating my card often.The Service Ontario office on Lawrence Avenue West is the most public of places: public in its stream of passersby and public in the sense that it’s a conduit, bland and efficient, to the government.That is where Joe Schacter sat down at a computer terminal in December and began looking at child pornography, police say.One store in Toorak had been targeted twice, and some in the trade have said they are terrified of going to work.Playfire is now a disbanded social gaming networking website targeted towards core video game players.During today's morning raids, police said they seized cash, gold and silver, precious stones and gold bullion, which they believed to be stolen or proceeds of crime.