According to a prophecy, King Fudd the Bewildered is expected to die next week, and the unmarried princess at his side shall inherit the Kingdom.

His legitimate daughter, Princess Lorealle the Worthy comes to the castle to be on his side but disappears mysteriously the next day.

When it comes to the graphics and music, Eric scores high points.

The video graphics (like the intro) are astonishingly well-made and rival those of Sierra.

If I were to minimize the review into a few sentences only, I would say that this game will surprise you on all levels.

, Bob Bates lets loose his lighter side in this side-splitting medieval adventure starring the incredibly accident-prone knight Eric the Unready.

The game interface is distinctive, having all the details described in a window below a scene picture.

Together with the command bar they make for an excellent adventure feel. It enhances the feel of the game in a way I can not even describe. Eric the Unready is one of those games that you will remember for life.Once you have played the game, it becomes a part of you.The game is loosely divided into "day," each of which is marked by hilarious cut-scenes and parody newspaper that recaps Eric's misadventures in the previous day and pokes fun at more people and objects than you can shake a stick at.The objects, locations, and puzzles in each day are self-contained, and as a mark of superior game design similar to Lucas Arts games, you can neither die in this game nor find yourself at a dead end where restoring is necessary.It uses well-known effects from other adventure games, chews them up and spits them out in a completely new way.