When dining out with girlfriends, make sure to find dining establishments that encourage mingling and social interaction. Shopping: This town is a Midwestern shopping oasis.

There is no other centralized location in the tri-state area that has as many places to buy and sell.

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The Black Single Professionals in Chicago hosts single and mingle events ever so often, and best way to take advantage is join their meet-up page, so you can access Black professional singles.

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If he’s a great guy, there’s a possibility that he has great friends.

With that possibility, create situations where meeting friends of boyfriends become usual. Also, consider crashing parties with your coupled friends, with the intention to leave with someone.

There are a lot of cool, hip places all around the city, such as: Funky Buddha Lounge (728 West Grand Avenue # 1), Rednofive (440 North Halsted Street) and Flat Iron (1565 North Milwaukee Avenue) that cater to young people who want to be social.

Learn more about your friend’s boyfriend, and friends: So, if you’re wondering how your friend landed such a catch, then probe.

Those stores speak to frivolity or gluttony, while grocery stores speak to sustenance.

Seek out supermarkets such as Pete’s Fresh Market and Whole Foods, which encourage healthy living.

Downtown Dining: Chicago has a few great features, one of those being great cuisine on nearly every other block of the city.