At the very least, charting the age differences between romantic partners in his films could help create a fuller picture of how Allen depicts love.

So that’s what we did: We made a grid highlighting the age gaps between many actors and actresses who’ve played romantic partners in Allen’s films.

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But Bhaskar uses his own simplicity and nonsense acts to impress Priya.

Priya finally falls in love with Bhaskar but does not disclose it to him.

Neil somehow manages to get his one-night stand and then ditches her, telling her the love guru gave him advice to do so.

Unfortunately, the girl turns out to be Naina's friend Nikki.

The film is a remake of the Will Smith starrer Hitch (2005).

The film was declared a blockbuster by Box Office India and one of the highest grossers for Salman Khan; the film was also Govinda's comeback.

The report about a sexual relationship between a middle-aged character and a teenaged character in his next film is only adding to the conversation about Allen’s own relationships with women, both on-screen and off.

Do Allen’s movies tell us anything about his real-life behavior? Making connections between an artist’s work and personal life always means there’s some degree of presumption, but it’s clear that this theme of older men getting involved with younger women is a preoccupation for the 81-year-old director.

Bhaskar loves his boss Priya Jaisingh (Katrina Kaif) but is unable to express his love to her as she is the daughter of a wealthy businessman.

Prem initially refuses to help Bhaskar and goes to Phuket, Thailand.

We focused on his feature-length films, but not every picture directed or written by Allen is represented here; we included the ones with straightforward, coherent narratives (so, for example, that eliminates 1972’s We also tried to avoid redundancies when possible.