And then it’s like riding a bike…will never forget.Pants are made of 4 pieces (2 different pattern pieces).

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Once you figure it out, you will turn your nose up at similar pants in the store, realizing that they are ripping you off at those prices!

You just need to understand how pants are put together.

This is similar to a pair of comfy pajama pants or a sweat suit. Even a pair of basic pants can look cool and fashionable paired with other accessories.

And when you’re ready to mix it up, try out our other simple pants tutorials: But first, let’s talk about pants.

My pattern keeps growing and adjusting (since he seems to grow , or you can download our Kid Pants pattern later in the tutorial.

If you’ve never made pants before and you’re drafting your own pattern (from an existing pair of pants), you may want to sew a trial pair first…to see if you’re creating the pattern properly. There are many patterns out there that use the same pattern piece for the front and back legs. However, these types of pants often look bulky and less tailored to me. It’s cut lower in the front so the waistline isn’t gouging into a baby belly and overall, the pants look more flattering.

Serge off the seams (to keep it from fraying over time) and iron out the seams. With right sides of the fabric together, pin together the outside legs of the pants. If you don’t have a serger, iron the waistband under 1/4 inch, or finish it off with a zigzag stitch. Notice how the front of the pants in a couple inches shorter.

* If you don’t have a serger…a zigzag stitch or leave the seam raw * Always, on the In-seam of the legs and sew them together. If you have a small side tag, add it to the outside seam, a few inches from the bottom of the leg. This makes the pants more comfortable and well-fitted.

I’ve made these pants from all types of cotton and linen. You don’t need to cut anything “on the fold” but you do need TWO Front pieces and TWO Back pieces.