The best-known Pakistani folk tales are the heroic love stories that have been immortalized by singers, storytellers and poets, and that continue to inspire modern writers and filmmakers.Most Pakistani folktales are circulated within a particular region, but certain tales have related variants in other regions of the country or in neighboring countries.

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Baloch dance, the chap, has a curious rhythm with an inertial back sway at every forward step, and Baloch music is unique in Pakistan.

Most of the approximately 105,000 speakers of Kashmiri in Pakistan are immigrants from the Kashmir Valley and include only a few speakers residing in border villages in Neelum District.

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Love stories such as the tales of Hani and Shah Murad Chakar, Shahdad and Mahnaz, Lallah and Granaz, Bebarg and Granaz, Mast and Sammo, are prominent in Balochi folklore.

There are also many stirring tales of war and heroism on the battlefield.

Poetry and literature were preserved orally for centuries before being written down, transmitted from one generation of storytellers to the next.

Tales of individual exploits, heroism and historical events were added to the repertoire and faithfully reproduced.

Among the most popular folk tales are several love tragedies in which young lovers are thwarted by family values and social conventions and defy convention by performing acts of great daring for the sake of their love, typically resulting in the death of one or both of them.