It was decided, as part of a larger project called “Earthworks- Land Reclamation As Sculpture,” to transform the storm drainage project into a large scale artwork creating a lovely passive recreation area.

The Earthworks project was proposed in the 1970’s as a movement to take eyesores, like old gravel pits, and change them into beautiful, usable landscapes.

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Many of us have been to Earthworks park, enjoying the peaceful hills of interesting land sculpture, the nature trails and the events periodically held there.

But do you know what it was before it was our beloved Earthworks Park?

People stopped canning because you could buy canned goods so cheaply then.

The city or county pushed dirt over the garbage once in awhile which pushed it further into the canyon.

Bauhaus artist Herbert Bayer designed Mill Creek Canyon Earthworks.

It is capable of holding 460,000 cubic feet of water if required.When the mill burned to the ground around 1889, a new and larger mill was constructed at a site along the Cedar River, eight miles upstream from Maple Valley.It would eventually be called the town of Barneston.It might surprise you to know our little Mill Creek used to be full of fish!They would come up the creek to spawn and kids would dig for worms and fish in the ponds.Surprisingly the town of Kent used the canyon as a town dump for years, up through the 1950’s.