Since the beginning of Limit Break Radio, he’s held many disciples from Daggers to Bows, Devastating Magic to Fists, the one constant is that he’s always drawn back to the shadows and his roguish ways.

When he’s not in Eorzea saving damsels and overthrowing Dark Lords, Kallo lives his life as a starving artist to the T working feverishly to hone his craft in fantasy writing, drawing and acting.

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Contact Me: [email protected] made his first appearance with Limit Break Radio way back in Episode 42 of the old show, guest hosting to talk about Dragoon.

He then went on to host his own show on the network, Voices of Vana’diel.

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Despite this role on the show, he’s carved out a niche of the fanbase for himself that have affectionately named themselves the ‘Eskasuals.’ He is also the show’s only openly LGBT representative.

Being bigendered, he has begun to go by both the name Eskalia and Kali depending on the context.

And he’ll always leave listeners with the same words: “Keep Listening.” Contact Me: [email protected] Prince of Thieves, Kallo Landis gives LBR it’s true charm.

With razor sharp wit he keeps the rest of the hosts on their toes, be they friend or foe.

interviewed, captured on video or audio recorded one to one.