But it wouldn’t hurt to open a car door for a lady…

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Sherrie: Let men initially travel to you; don’t split the check; and finally, don’t talk too much in the first few weeks of dating. It’s because men and women are biologically different from each other.

Men love a challenge, and they like women who are busy having a life of their own and who don’t make everything about them in the early stages of dating.

Many young women sleep with their phones next to the bed and respond immediately to every text — no matter inconsequential (i.e., “getting haircut” or “what r u doing now at 2 a.m.? ” on his Facebook wall every day (or messages his friends, coworkers and even his mother), he can get suffocated by such excessive behavior, causing him to flee.

Sherrie: Many women say they felt “rude” if they did not someone text back within nanoseconds, or felt like a party pooper if they didn’t return a guy’s sext.

Which Rules have you had the toughest time following in your own current or past dating lives?

Have you ever broken a Rule — or been tempted to break one?

Here, the authors reveal what to do when you get a text, the biggest dating mistake women (and men) can make, and the rule they’ve had the hardest time following in their own love lives.

How has the dating world changed since your original best seller came out in 1995, and how do these changes complicate a woman’s desire to find a great man and settle down today?

They take down their profiles after six months because they’re embarrassed that the men they’ve dated can see they’re still single, or because a coworker might see their ad, or they just get tired of all the emails and first dates that don’t go anywhere.

We say: take a break from exactly — a break from possibly having a boyfriend on your birthday and New Year’s Eve?

So after being exposed to so many emails, texts, status updates, tweets and wall posts, “the hot woman” a man initially checked out online is suddenly not quite so hot anymore… Ellen: We teach women the new secrets to dating successfully: how to seem mysterious and busy in an era of texting, Facebook, Skype, IMs, Face Time and Twitter.