Do you know about this research on height called labor analysis? Dan Ariely: So labor analysis is when I take all your characteristics, how old you are, your hair color, where you went to school and all your attributes, and I put them in a regression equation with your salary. This is the kind of analysis that you do to show that women make less than men for the same job. We took all the characteristics of people in an online dating profile, and we asked, “What explains these people’s success? Now, you can ask the question: Are women really that superficial? So if you say, I don’t want to see anybody below 5’10”, there might be a really wonderful, sweet guy at 5’9”, but you’ll never see him, because you said you wanted 5’10”.

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"There's a scarcity of research on dating in later life," say Wendy Watson and Charlie Stelle, Using earlier research on younger people who frequent Internet dating sites, Watson and Stelle identified values and characteristics those individuals revealed. One woman described herself as "a young spirit," Watson said. The researchers started with a coding system identifying three personal values (active lifestyle, culture and family) that younger people typically address on online-dating sites.

Beyond physical attributes But the professors' research on people age 60-plus who use online-dating sites brought surprises.

Kristen Doerer: Based on what you told me last time, I’m going to guess $20,000.

Dan Ariely: Actually men don’t care about how much women make. I’m sure at some level they care, but we couldn’t estimate it from the data.

When we finally have coffee with somebody, we get crushed.

And by the way, women tend to do this more than men, and people don’t tend to learn over time.Psychologist Professor Hugo Schmale developed Parship's compatibility test and compatibility matching.Since the 1960s Professor Schmale has been conducting research into couples and their relationships.Sharing life with a partner is a high priority for me. Editor’s Note: With Valentine’s Day now upon us, what better time than now to talk to Dan Ariely?She saw it as "just an avenue to meet people and go from there." Drew Bartley, 57, visited the site thinking "it would just be fun to meet someone and have a cup of coffee." The experience surpassed expectations for them both. Six years later, Bell, a retired school principal, and Bartley, a semi-retired painting contractor, are still living happily together in Victoria, a Twin Cities exurb. "She was the one." Bell adds: "It worked." The research supports what is true for me.