Every minute of the day is spent figuring out how to feed her family, including an adult son and daughter whose state-run jobs do not provide enough to live on.

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Posted in 2012 Strong and Prosperous Nation (Kangsong Taeguk), Black markets, Civil society, Dating/Courting, General markets (FMR: Farmers Market), Hoteling, Labor conditions/wages, Music, Tourism | (film trailer here), a highly watchable and fascinating Pyongyang production from 1978.

It’s the tale of talented novice footballer Cha In-son (Kim Chol), who’s been on the bench for Taesongsan for the last three years, but finally makes the team.

More and more North Korean women are marrying younger men as their superior earning power makes them increasingly eligible.

Park Young-ja of Ewha Womans University’s Institute of Unification Studies told a seminar Thursday more women are becoming breadwinners as the North’s economic hardship deepens.

For men, their emasculation within their own households is now a fact of life. The piece appears to show both the state’s desire to restrain consumption but also to reassert ‘socialist’ attitudes and encourage nationalist attitudes, thus pushing back against the impact of foreign ideas coming in via overseas media, South Korean dramas and so on.

“Whatever your wife tells you to do, you do,” says Mr. ‘Socialist Cultural Life’ is distributed monthly to all official organs and enterprises.The regime is threatening to expel divorcees, but to no avail.“North Koreans don’t take warnings from the regime seriously because they believe that there is no need to report marriage or divorce to the government,” Park said.“If you don’t go to work, you go to prison,” one male interviewee tells NPR.The one escape is a system where some men, like Mrs. Men cannot say what they want.” She admits her friends mockingly call their husbands “puppies” or “pets” because they have to be fed, yet they do nothing. Kim earns about 3,000 won a day at the market — the equivalent of less than 50 cents — at black market rates.I believe it is fair to assume from the abundance of open sources, however, that prostitution has increased significantly in the DPRK since the arrival of the Arduous March.