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It has spawned a ridiculous hi-viz culture, in which it is deemed unsafe for anyone to leave home without a luminous vest.

There’s no more daft sight on TV than a reporter doing a piece to camera standing in an empty field, dressed like Bob The Builder in hi-viz jacket and hard hat.

Come to that, why the hell is it going to take four years to carry out the repairs?

It didn’t take that long to build the tower in the first place. Endless delays and interminable public works are par for the course these days.

They’ve even banned window cleaners from using ladders, just in case they fall off.

So I wasn’t surprised to read that one of the reasons given for not providing ear protectors to those working in the Elizabeth Tower was that they are ‘unsuitable for people working at heights’.

Even before a hole is dug, the area is closed for weeks in advance while concrete safety barriers, CCTV cameras and a whole panoply of hazard warning signs are installed, all to ‘protect’ employees who will spend the next few months drinking tea and leaning on their shovels.

No one wants a return to the days when workers were routinely killed undertaking hazardous construction work.

Like the ravens in the Tower of London, and the Royal Standard flying over Buckingham Palace, Big Ben has been a steadfast monument to our liberty and independence. Not through bloody revolution, or foreign invasion, but victim of one of the greatest tyrannies of our age: elf’n’safety.