It would have been nice to see the relationship between Yoon Jin Myung and Park Jae Wan this season, but since we didn't get that, I was happy to see Jo Eun and Seo Jang Hoon as a couple. Personally, I found Kim Min Suk's character, SJH, really attractive. 2nd season left off with too many unanswered questions and too many things left out with episode 13th epilogue with a young girl with short legs and no double eye lids being taken out for a walk with her father and she asks if her mom used to stay in the house where the current female leads live at.... Can't even wait to watch the 3rd season, and will Park Hye Soo play again as Eun Jae ? Each and every character was superb but for me the best is song ji won and sung min they were fun to watch. Best drama this year Although i was quite disappointed that Sungmin & Jiwon did not became a couple, the drama "age of youth" does depicts a very realistic narrative and enables the viewers to reflect on themselves while watching the show! And plz add kang yi na's acting shots in season 3 more than season 2. Even kang yi na just cameo in this season but the story still make me enjoy.

However, my favorite male character is still Im Sung Min. It’s a lot heavier than the first but I love how it displays a lot of real life scenarios about love, friendship, depression, family issues, dreams and a lot more! I like Ji Woo acts but somehow Park Hye Soo still the best to play the character of Eun Jae :)))) Great drama. The end was also perfect but they could have extended a little more. I love the fact that the girls in belle epoque were independent, strong and show courage in the situations they were facing, without interference of their male counter parts. Loved Park Eun Bin's acting this season, her acting was the best! thanks for all the production crew , acters , actress . I learn that's everybody have problem to overcome, the important part is how u can handle your own..really touch my heart when i watching it. Okay first of all, website said you can comment, not spoil. There are so many changes in this season but it's bearable.

Set one year after season 1 of "Age of Youth." Jin-Myung (Han Ye-Ri) successfully found a job after she returned from China. Eun-Jae (Ji-Woo) broke up with her first love and she is in emotional pain.

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- Why did Yoon Park only appeared on the finale episode??? People gotta understand the underlying message in this drama. If you've been watching the drama, there hasn't been many kiss scenes between females/males - their partners.

See, this drama focuses on the lives of 5-6 females. That is what makes this drama unique - it focuses on REAL storyline and character development - NOT some cliche relationships and romance where females getting sweeped off their feet by guys.

I thought their relationship made the drama so entertaining.

Now I like all characters and I even watched AOY too.

I really like how this drama is so rich and pure, and realistic.

I like how this drama isn't a romantic comedy drama.

I like how the first season was a lot more relatable as a college student while this season was more dramatic. Eun jae character is quite annoying this time but on the other hand it's much better to be broken up, we can see the new kind of plot they get along still together the plot will be boring anyway. our senbae is the best This is the first time i left a comment about drama that i ever watched : D.

It wasn't bad, but it wasn't as good as the first season. song ji won's character will death :( Ji won and sung min please be together in the final episode! They should at least kiss once, or ge should confess to her! But the problem is Jiwon :'( she shouldn't face that kind of problem sob sob this make me hurt enough. and i just wanna say i love this drama since season 1 : D..

If there is season 3, i hope kang eonni will join them again. You can check on the first episode, near the kitchen inside the villa there is family photo including heimdal wearing uniform. also season 3 with more backstory would be so great.... My ship needs to sail, why can't he just confess to Ji won. Please give season 2 lots of love so they'll make another season I think the one character that should be replaced is JUNG YE EUN. And when it come I hope Kang Eonni were there, and ji won too. I think the one character that should be replaced is JUNG YE EUN. And it come I hope Kang Eonni were there, and ji won too. Thank you for such a warm and fuzy and lovable kdrama! The plot is sooo interesting thus completely stopped me from getting a night off. Cant get over with the cutest couple of all, jiwon & Seungwon.

with kang yina, more jiwon, more jang-eun, more jinmyung!! And please bring Kang Yi Na back and get rid of Eun Jae. I don't know but I really hate her character since season 1. I don't but I really hate her character since season 1. Or a special episode for them T_T Gonna miss all Since season one ive been anticipated to the flow of the story of friendship with all the girls of bell epoque regardless of their individual hardship... Her character brings the protective instinct toward her episode 10...she's willing to pull the hair of ye-eun friend who pass malicious text towards her...her on the show she brings so much adventure together with the girls... Sung-Min and Ji-Won are the cutest couple and it's kind of disappointing that he pretends not to like her. Little dissapointed because the main cast in season 2 is not the original in season 1.

I've came to loathe drama where they focus solely on kiss scenes and sexualizing the actors/actresses...