Convert your car to LPG, liquid petroleum gas (or 'autogas'), and benefit from another government grant of 75% of the conversion cost.LPG is half the price of petrol and toxic emissions are significantly reduced.

The Green Stationery Company (tel: 01225 480556; supplies mail-order letterhead paper, envelopes, fax paper and other stationery. Animal Friends Insurance donates all net profits to animal, wildlife and environment charities (tel: 08).

The internet-based offers car insurance at low premiums and makes a donation to the Born Free Foundation for every policy. Buy organic cotton - not just kinder to skin, but easier on the planet and our health - conventionally grown cotton is the world's most polluting crop, using 25% of all pesticides and chemical fertilisers.

Organic cotton is grown without chemicals and uses non-toxic bleaches and dyes.

Suppliers of eco-friendly clothes include Planet Vision (tel: 020 7713 5575; and Greenfibres (tel: 01803 868001; Put the eco into home d├ęcor - toxins from paints and other building materials last for years.

Detox your home - use eco-friendly household cleaners and detergents.

Conventional cleaners contain non-biodegradable chemicals that pollute the water system and can irritate skin.Support Fo E's Real Food, Local Food campaign:; tel: 020 7490 1555).4.Walk, cycle or use public transport - if you must drive make your next car a green one. Believe you can make a difference - if just 1% of our 6 million readers follow our tips below, the changes would be significant. Armchair campaigners can contact Friends of the Earth (Fo E)'s Campaign Express (tel: 020 7490 1555; or Greenpeace (tel: 020 7865 8100; Support local grocers, butchers and bakers above supermarkets, but best of all frequent farmers' markets as produce is fresher and purer and wasteful packaging is minimised.Change electricity supplier to Unit[e], the only UK company that provides 100% renewable energy to the domestic market. Call the National Association of Farmers' Markets to find your nearest (tel: 01225 787914; Visit the brilliant to find local small producers.More info from LPG Association (tel: 01425 461612,, click on Autogas). Reuse - avoid disposable items - buy refillable or reusable versions.