Karla buried her punishing dildo into my backside, the titanic member sliding in and out of my flaming asshole. "OHHHHbaby, ohhh, ohhhh," moaned Karla, slamming the full length of her hard dildo into my bowels again, wriggling her stick in my shithole, groaning in blissful orgasm.

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"AAAAAHHMMMMMM," I screamed, my mouth full of latex cock as I felt the burning slash of a belt on my defenseless ass. Fuck me in the assss..." I whined, raving with lust and the fear of pain.

Again Dara whipped my ass with a wide belt sending a sheet of pain through my body while Karla tried to shove the big black dildo into my throat. Karla laughed, placed the dildo again at my asshole and shoved it home, ripping past my anus, deep within my bowels, drawing out another scream from my lips. " I moaned, my body jerking like a puppet in a string. " Karla pushed the cockhead into my tender assbud, opening it up, stretching my shithole again.

The world was only hard cock; sensual fucking; pain; and burning pleasure.

My own raging hard on felt like a raw piece of meat. " I grunted as they continued to hammer me with the massive, hard black dick, the rubber balls smashing against my whorish ass.

Through half lidded eyes, I saw Dara rise up off of the black rubber cock, leaving Kara with a large black penis rising from her cunt.

The vibrator kept on hitting this spot inside of me as the girls fucked each other long and hot, finally cumming in some far off reality as I just twitched in hapless depravity.

I tried to push back, fucking her dildo with my cunt asshole. I fucked my body back, a hole to be filled by my mistresses' hard cocks, engulfed by incredible pleasure! "C'mon, you fucking whore boy," cried Dara, her bald cunt rubbing against Karlas cock sheath, her asshole clutching at my hot member.

I clenched my anal ring around her pounding fake black cock as my ass sent wild lewd signals to my steel hard cock in Dara's ass. "UNHHhhhhnnnnn," I moaned as my ass was slammed again, making me shake wildly and gasp at these startling sensations of sensual raunchiness. " Dara shrilled, her body shuddering in orgasm as Kara continued to writhe and thrust, penetrating deep inside of me, her cock distending my tortured bowels. My fuck frenzied fires built higher and higher with this double skewering and I felt my own hard chafing organ swelling again and bringing me to the brink of orgasm.

She spread the shitty head on my lips, forcing me to open.

I surrendered to this and let it slide past my lips. " demanded Dara, as she got on the bed again, squatted and drove my cock back into her ass." "Fuck me in the ass!

Then, I felt a new force pressing against my shitter, spreading the opening even wider. Insanely I grunted and gasped, offering my abused body to their lusts, letting them use and violate my genitalia, twisting and turning it this way and that, my asshole lewdly stretched with their cunt toy.