'They say they immediately told a few people what had happened, but could sense people distancing themselves.

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He is among the latest Hollywood figures to be accused of misconduct in a wave that began when dozens of sexual harassment allegations were reported last month against film mogul Harvey Weinstein.

His new film is incredibly similar to Woody Allen's 'Manhattan,' with both movies featuring a relationship between a teenage high school student and older man.

K's controversial new film 'I Love You, Daddy' was canceled on Thursday night and his scheduled Friday appearance on 'The Late Show With Stephen Colbert' was also scrapped.

The 50-year-old actor is the father of two teenage daughters with his ex-wife of 13 years, painter Alix Bailey who he divorced in 2008.

She says he then called her and apologized for shoving her in the bathroom.

She then had to inform him that hadn't occurred but he had masturbated in front of her.

He has previously cited Allen and Bill Cosby as two of his comedy idols.

John Malkovich, 63, plays a legendary film director who is rumored to have molested a young girl decades earlier. K plays a successful TV producer whose 17-year-old daughter, played by Chloe Grace Moretz, begins a relationship with Malkovich.

Schachner said she called him to invite him to her show when she heard him pull down the blinds.

She claims he then started revealing his sexual fantasies while breathing heavily. Courteney Cox and David Arquette were the executive producers on the unnamed show at the time and confirmed the alleged C. They had talked about halting production but Corry said she wanted to press ahead. K's sexual misconduct follow years of rumors about him masturbating in front of various women.

The women - including comedians Dana Min Goodman, Abby Schachner, Julia Wolov, Rebecca Corry - allege the Emmy-winning star of FX's 'Louie' either pleasured himself in front of them, asked to do it or did so over the phone. K declined to comment on the allegations outlined by the five women.