If any provision of this section is held invalid as applied to property of a nonresident person, such decision shall be deemed also to affect such provision as applied to property of a resident, but shall not affect any other provision hereof. Money, credits, investments, deposits, and other intangible property belonging, either legally or beneficially, to corporations, trusts, associations, funds, foundations, or community chests, organized and operated exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific, literary, health, hospital, educational, or public purposes, exclusively for the prevention of cruelty to children or animals, exclusively for a home for the aged, as defined in section 5701.13 of the Revised Code, or exclusively for contributing financial support to any such purposes, no part of the net earnings of which inures to the benefit of any private shareholder member or other individual, and no substantial part of the activities of which is carrying on propaganda or otherwise attempting to influence legislation, shall not be subject to taxation. Deposits to the extent they represent funds required to be collected or withheld as taxes levied upon persons other than the depositor by federal, state or local governmental authority, and deposits not used in business to the extent they represent funds belonging beneficially to nonresidents of Ohio, whether or not any such funds are on deposit in or outside of Ohio, are not subject to taxation. All tracts of land appropriated by congress for the support of schools or for ministerial purposes and sold by and under authority of law, and all lands which are sold by the United States shall be subject to taxation, immediately after such sale, as are other lands in this state.

Lands appropriated by congress for the support of schools or for ministerial purposes shall not be sold for taxes until the purchase money therefor is fully paid, but shall be returned as delinquent and continue on the duplicate with the taxes of each year charged thereon and added to the tax, penalty, and interest due when they became delinquent, until payment is made by the purchaser or his assigns of such purchase money with the tax, penalty, and interest, or the lands are resold by the county auditor pursuant to the laws provided for the sale of such lands. Whenever lands belonging to the state, a municipal corporation, religious, scientific, or benevolent society or institution, whether incorporated or unincorporated, or trustees for free education only, or held by the state in trust, are held under a lease for a term of years renewable forever and not subject to revaluation, such lands shall be considered for taxation purposes as the property of the lessees and shall be assessed in their names.

Whenever such lands are held under a lease for a term not renewable forever, such lands shall be subject to special assessments for improvements benefiting such lands, which shall be paid out of the annual rents accruing to the trust.

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(2) All ships, vessels, and boats, and all shares and interests therein, defined in section 5701.03 of the Revised Code as personal property and belonging to persons residing in this state, and aircraft belonging to persons residing in this state and not used in business wholly in another state, other than aircraft licensed in accordance with sections 4561.17 to 4561.21 of the Revised Code, are subject to taxation.

(C) The following property of the kinds mentioned in division (B) of this section shall be exempt from taxation:(1) Unmanufactured tobacco to the extent of the value, or amounts, of any unpaid nonrecourse loans thereon granted by the United States government or any agency thereof.

This section shall be reciprocally applied, so that all property of the kinds mentioned in this section having a business situs in this state shall be taxed in this state, and no such property belonging to a person residing in this state and having a business situs outside of this state shall be taxed.

The assignment of a business situs outside of this state to property of a person residing in this state, in any case and under any circumstances mentioned in this section, is inseparable from the assignment of such situs in this state to property of a person residing outside of this state in a like case and under similar circumstances.

of the Revised Code, community schools established under Chapter 3314.

of the Revised Code, and educational service centers established under section 3311.05 of the Revised Code.(D) As used in this section:(1) "Church" means a fellowship of believers, congregation, society, corporation, convention, or association that is formed primarily or exclusively for religious purposes and that is not formed for the private profit of any person. 1, as amended; and (c) The state university that is a party to the agreement reported to the Ohio board of regents that the university maintained a headcount of at least twenty-five thousand students on its main campus during the academic school year that began in calendar year 2003 and ended in calendar year 2004.(2) "State university" has the same meaning as in section 3345.011 of the Revised Code. Amended by 129th General Assembly File No.28, HB 153, ยง101.01, eff. (A)(1) Real or personal property belonging to the state or United States used exclusively for a public purpose, and public property used exclusively for a public purpose, shall be exempt from taxation.(A) All real property in this state is subject to taxation, except only such as is expressly exempted therefrom.(B) Except as provided by division (C) of this section or otherwise expressly exempted from taxation:(1) All personal property located and used in business in this state, and all domestic animals kept in this state and not used in agriculture are subject to taxation, regardless of the residence of the owners thereof.(2) Spirituous liquor, as defined in division (B)(5) of section 4301.01 of the Revised Code, that is stored in warehouses in this state pursuant to an agreement with the division of liquor control.