He said a relationships register for SA would bring it into line with New South Wales and Victorian practice."We've certainly had indications Members of Parliament are supportive of this — it's now with the Government and we hope that they'll be introducing legislation in the not-too-distant future," he said.The Law Reform Institute also recommended SA recognise relationships registered in other states and overseas-performed marriages.If you are looking to chat in your Mobile device you just need to free online singles chats since our system is a Online free chat without sign upsenter to chat for free click Singles chat rooms no signup Please enjoy your live dating chat rooms and we welcome you to return soon.

The recommendation flows from the South Australian Government having asked the Institute more than a year ago to review state laws to identify ways they discriminate against people such as the LGBTI community.

Professor Williams said that review had identified about 140 legislative areas which needed attention.

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Describing it as a tragic legal circumstance, he said there were "qualifying relationship" provisions for IVF — the first birth had been before the three-year qualifying period for the couple and the second had been after their relationship period exceeded three years."Under the registration process we would try to establish a clear and non-discriminatory process for people," he said of the proposal for a relationships register."It would be open to both heterosexual couples or same-sex couples."The academic said laws currently discriminated against some domestic partnerships because heterosexuals could marry at any time, even within weeks of starting a relationship, but same-sex couples faced a three-year wait for many of the same legal rights.

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