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"If your only exposure to Carter was through the film 'Friday Night Lights,' you saw a group of giant gangsters who appeared to be in their late 20s who cheated and were violent," Hootnick said.

"There was a stereotypically inaccurate treatment of the team that helped perpetuate a legacy that has stuck with Carter.

The Carter eligibility dispute essentially came down to whether an individual school had the right to institute its own grading system or whether it should follow more rigid guidelines.

While the Carter parents prevailed in 1988, a judge eventually upheld the Texas Education Agency's claim that Carter's grading system incorrectly allowed running back-defensive back Gary Edwards (who later was one of the players sent to prison for armed robbery) to be declared eligible. state mandates – that was a frequent topic of discussion before the Texas Legislature this year in areas outside of public education, and it will come up again, no doubt, in years to come.

"I hope that people will now understand that these were people who were not one-dimensional monsters but middle-class kids from high-achieving, two-parent families.

That was a big piece of what Carter lost." The Carter story also has relevance in today's world of Texas politics.

"They were a generation that had grown up in segregated schools and had achieved, getting good jobs and living in a middle-class neighborhood, and they felt their kids were being victimized by the same system that didn't want to give them a chance." And, when some of their kids later betrayed them by wandering off into crime after the season, the Carter parents of 1988-89 again saw their school and their neighborhood typecast as hoodlums and thugs.

"I didn't want to idolize the players," Hootnick said.

Indeed, the former member of The Backstreet Boys said he dated Debbie Le Fave, 23, for 18 months when they were classmates, ending things with her when he learned from pals "she had cheated on me with a girl." He kept quiet when the scandal broke because, "my publicist is like, stay as far away from that [bleep] as you can." Probably good advice. Actually a lot of the girls I've just had the best sex with or best anything with have been just normal girls." As opposed to abnormal girls. Nick is babbling away now to promote his new show E!

Meanwhile, Carter also discussed his sex sessions with Paris Hilton. show, House of Carters, in which his life is chronicled alongside brother, Aaron Carter.

We're gonna build the suspense just a tiny bit longer.