Granted, when you got it you would feel like a GOD but even Dage isn't that evil.

Dage has requested that the drops be lowered to 1 rib, rather than 13.

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Now Available in Dage's Birthday Shop: And don't forget!

Once the Blade Master class goes rare, we'll randomly choose ONE of the players who bought it and send them a free Undead Legion poster signed by Dage the Evil!

Each of the items is a 1% drop (0 AC for storage, naturally) from the quest. I made this quest as hard as I could think without making it literally impossible for those few of you who say that the game has become too simple... We also have our Mardi Gras/Carnival Big Bad Voodoo Event! AE has Thyton and the Undead Legion has the Blade Master.

In order to complete the quest, you will need to collect 13 Ribs from Binky the ungodly-powerful, nasty-as-frak unicorn monster and each rib only has a 2% Drop rate. 2% chance to get a rib, IF you manage to kill the unkillable Binky. 1% chance that you'll get one of these items, making them two of the rarest items EVER in AQW. who say that even Drakath is too easy and you need a REAL challenge. Complaining about it is like complaining about a test you . Also coming in the shop will be the Legion Dread Rider armor (800 ACs) and helm (90 ACs)... The Dread March Armor (500 ACs or 500 Legion tokens), helm (90 ACs or 90 Legion Tokens and cape (250 ACs or 250 Legion Tokens)... And finally some items that we missed in the initial Blade Master release: Blade Master Hood (90 ACs), Blade Master Wraps (9000 Gold for everyone), Blade Master Horns (90 ACs), the Blade Master Mask (Legend only, 9000 gold) and the Blade Master Cape (animated, 250 ACs). Once the Blade Master Class goes rare (again, in a month or so) we will be looking through everyone who has it (AC or Legion TOken version, both work) and drawing a name at random. There will be beads and dark magic and some colorully attired undead. February 26, 2014 Dage's birthday isn't until Sunday, but he's decided to start celebrating tonight, and he's got plenty of evil goodies to share with everyone! This is the NEW CLASS coming TOMORROW in the first wave of Dage's Birthday Shop.

Most of the time, winning battles against binky take an hour on average. That is 7.3 years of straight playing without eating, sleeping, pooping or doing anything else.

There is no accounting for luck, (and I just KNOW that some lucky turkey is going to get one of the drops on their first turn in) but still it seemed a LITTLE unreasonable to play a game longer than it's been alive to get a single quest drop.

The Hardcore Paragon Pet comes with 3 possible rewards.

You asked for a challenge so here it is: You will get 66 Legion Tokens each time you finish the quest unless you get one of the items.

It is definitely a powerhouse and if you use it right, you're pretty close to unstoppable.

Normally I suggest a build and encourage you to play around and find a build that works for you but, this time, If you're not using Thief Enhancements then you are wasting your own time.

And don't forget, Dage's big birthday celebration is coming next week! Login Tonight For: February 26, 2014 "The future is not yet written... She you and your allies facing the 13th and final Lord of Chaos. She saw what happens when Gravelyn finally has the opportunity to avenge what he did to her Father. the purple ink will not let it dry." "The future is not yet written... Pictured above, from left to right, you can see: Dage wanted a way for his dedicated followers to get the class through blood, sweat and tears.