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In the comments which follow my post ‘Inside Information About A Hergest Unit Death’ I discuss a number of suspicious deaths of people personally known to me who were staff or patients of the mental health services in north Wales and the death of Brown’s father.

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Interestingly enough, she didn’t have a history of depression or suicidality.

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People who complain about Dafydd and the paedophiles tend to be found hanging, to die of heroin overdoses or in car crashes – or of course die in hospitals after ‘all efforts to save their life failed’. In 2016 when my lawyers sent me yet more documents from my own files that had previously been withheld from me, as well as the mountains of evidence of perjury and serious criminality on the part of the paedophiles’ friends, I found statements and letters that Dr Tony Francis (Dr X) had written about me to third parties, regarding how twisted and dangerous I was and the necessity for me to be incarcerated in a high security hospital as soon as possible.

Francis had written all this within hours of me mentioning the circumstances of Harry’s death.

Francis assumed that it had been a member of NHS or social services staff who had told me about Harry, although it wasn’t.

Francis had written to senior figures in Gwynedd Health Authority demanding a full investigation to track down the culprit, their instant dismissal and referral to their professional body to ensure that they never worked again.

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There is one death in particular to which I want to bring attention, so I’m writing this short post about it.