Such methods are becoming increasingly advanced and normally involve individuals being tricked into clicking a link on a website, or in an email.

However, after several virtual exchanges, during which trust was built, he began to encourage her to send him intimate images.

'Everyone does it' At first, he said they were for his eyes only.

She felt obliged - but her initial fears were realised when he posted the pictures online for the world to see.

Once published, such images can become incredibly difficult to remove.

A friend was considered a strong tie; someone with whom you could share intimate secrets. You can become ‘friends’ with someone at the click of a button.

I have written before about the concern of children valuing popularity over privacy and how they want to have as many online friends as possible.

Sharing intimate or sexualised images has become increasingly common behaviour.

The online porn industry and celebrity culture of posting near-naked selfies on social media sites (with the celeb's consent) has made a ‘reveal all’ society seem more acceptable.

Whether they actually know these friends is irrelevant and this poses a significant threat.