Just one of the points of contention is the dead woman’s sprawling, leafy and sun-dappled estate that’s home to the “summer houses,” or vacation cottages, of the original title, where the various family members are staying during that year’s dog days.

Relaxed in its rhythms but not in its outlook, which is at once universal and pleasingly specific, and admirably loose-limbed yet densely packed with details, this impressively acted and assembled first film won both the best producer and director prizes at the recent Munich fest.

The California coastal community hit hard by this week's deadly mudslides is known as the home of Oprah, but it was Charlie Chaplin, the biggest star of another era, who first made Montecito a celebrity haven.

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This would explain why the kind old lady, who was born at the turn of the century and thus survived two world wars, would have preferred to stay unmarried.

Her being a spinster, in turn, might have led to her family’s expectation that she would look after their mother, simply because she was the only one without kids and thus must have had time on her hands.

The entire film is filled with half-spoken truths and observations such as these that point to worlds of hurt and decisions and expectations in the past that have led the large clan to where they are today.

This is how Kroener, who also wrote the screenplay, manages to suggest a lot of very dense backstory and yet keep the main narrative, which always unfurls in the present and without any flashbacks, very lean and clutter-free.

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