The interface: There's no getting away from it: Noisli is a gorgeous-looking site.

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A noise generator is simply a piece of audio equipment which plays back a number of soothing sound effects, including white noise, natural sounds such as rainfall or ocean waves, or a roaring log fire.

An online noise generator goes one step further and allows you to combine your favorite sounds to make up your own personal productivity-enhancing soundscape - for instance, the sound of a babbling brook mixed with birdsong, wind rustling through the trees and gently tinkling wind chimes.

If desired, you can click on them all to have them all playing at once, to create your own individual relaxing atmosphere.

If you don't know where to start, you can also set several different 'One Click' presets, such as Random, Productivity and Relax.

Net works best in Chrome browser with popup blocker disabled. Regular visitors are restricted to the loading generators no faster than one every minute.

With a small donation (minimum ) that restriction is removed for a lifetime.Music is also designed to elicit an emotional response, which can be counter-productive if you're trying to achieve the trance-like mental state in which you find that words or numbers flow effortlessly. Customization - The site features around a hundred sound samples and soundscapes, divided into 11 categories: Atmospheres, Pattern Scapes, Sound Scapes, Magic Generators, Brainwaves, Tonal Drones, Natural Noises, Synthetic Noises, Industrial Noises and Voices.On the other hand, if you're performing mindless or repetitive tasks, it's been proven than listening to music on the job can actually increase your productivity, as it prevents you from becoming bored and slowing down... Other than office workers, other people who can benefit from online sound generators include: Career conducted a test drive of five of the top-rated online sound generators.* We rated these sites for:1. Each is broken down into subcategories, for instance: Natural Noises features sounds such as 'Rain on a Tent,' 'Healing Water,' 'Fire' and 'Cat Purr.' Each of sounds is then completely customizable by frequency (Adust Hz levels: 60-8k Hz; Adjust sound color: Brown, Pink, White or Grey sound; Adjust graphic equalizer; and named presets like 'Tranquil,' 'Comforting,' 'Calming,' 'Sleeping,' etc).Create customized sound mixes, cycle through playlists, set custom timers and more.The Interface: Closely resembling the Apple i Tunes interface, Ambience App will be intuitive to use to all Apple i Tunes fans.According to the study, background noise boosts concentration, creativity, and helps us enter a unique mental state called 'Flow,' where we can be working on something for what feels like ten minutes, then look up and find that three hours has passed."We found that ambient noise is an important antecedent for creative cognition,” said Ravi Mehta, a professor of business administration at the University of Illinois.