Myanmar parents feel it is unsuitable for children to know about sex from a very young age.

Yet, many progressive thinkers believe that the conservative culture ignores the evil knocking at girls’ doors.

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We must also teach the younger generation to have respect for both sexes, and to reject unjust actions.

The general state of healthcare in Myanmar (also known as Burma) is poor.

Public hospitals lack many of the basic facilities and equipment.

WHO consistently ranks Myanmar among the worst nations in healthcare.

These statistics make clear that we need to address sexual violence against girls in Myanmar society from multiple levels – legislation and policy work is critical, but so is changing norms around sex, sexuality, and women’s rights.

There is no direct definition of the word “rape” In Myanmar language but it can be translated as “ma dain”.

where a 36-year- old teacher raped two of his students— 14- and 15-year old girls— has signaled the need for sex education in the school. Although many people agree with this sentence, the case still begs the question of how often such justice is actually pursued.

Two years ago, a well-known Myanmar actor for killing a female employee.

In Myanmar society, the word “ma dain” is a very nasty word and is commonly used as an excuse to restrict the public life of girls and women The World Health Organization defines rape as “forced or coerced sex; the use of force, coercion or psychological intimidation by one person that requires another person to engage in a sex act against her or his will, whether or not the act is completed.”There are a wide range of topics to be taken into account if we want to address the current sexual violence against girls.