We’re all normal, thriving, gorgeous, super-smart, dope-ass ladies, but we had to do it.I think that if I were like married to the first person that I banged or my first boyfriend — if I never had a Hoe Phase — I think that I would be wanting for it, even though I’m not married, and I’m super single, and I’m 33.Susan now writes and speaks with the goal of inspiring other caregivers for those with chronic illnesses.

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You can read more about life in Bali and Alzheimer’s in my book Susan Tereba, an artist, jewelry designer and writer, has lived in Bali for 27 years.

She had 14 years of experience as the primary caregiver for her husband, who had Alzheimer’s.

These remnants of my life seem to quake me out of ‘right now,’ exposing feelings and sensations with which I’m no longer familiar. As I turn them over, one by one, the inspiration for them reveals itself, jettisoning me back to that time.

Venetian Dreams with a gondola emerging from a framed tunnel, a pomegranate suspended in the air, sends me back to sketching Renaissance windows at a canal-side café.

And then the thought arises, “What do I do with this artwork that piles up? The end product only serves as a reminder of the creative energy that flows when I step out of the way, an energy I am addicted to. Now that may sound a bit harsh, but Shiva is one of the forces of nature woven throughout our lives.

In order to create, we must let go of one thing to transform it into something else.

A priest will preside over the ceremony, ringing his sacred bell over smoking incense and flicking copious amounts of holy water across elaborate offerings.

Women will chant and perform the complex ritual that has been done for eons.

My husband, Bob, passed away three years ago from Alzheimer’s Disease.

Now I keep running into his things; things I’d forgotten about, stuffed into corners of closets and drawers – his prescription sunglasses, his temple costume for ceremonies, missing buttons from a shirt, a keychain he never used, a pendant he made from a fossil walrus tooth.

Da Vinci destroyed the clean white of a canvas to give us his famous Mona Lisa.